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    I was trying to download The Walk app and I keep getting an insufficient space message. Meanwhile I just deleted the majority of my apps including those that store user data so there should be about 1 Gb of space + for the app. Apparently it's being a pain and deciding not to cooperate :S


    Also wondering if I can update my phone system to a newer Android version since that helped last time I had the error (last year).

    I'm computer literate but sometimes smartphones are finicky.
    Issues With Storage and won't Update.-screenshot_2014-07-11-20-20-27.pngIssues With Storage and won't Update.-screenshot_2014-07-11-20-20-37.pngIssues With Storage and won't Update.-screenshot_2014-07-11-20-20-43.png
    07-11-2014 07:24 PM

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