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    the screen on my Samsung Galaxy Ace is broken and I'd like to get my pictures and notes onto my MacBook. I can still see things on the screen, it just won't react. I scanned a few forums but have not found a solution yet since I never created a Samsung account, never backed up my phone with any programme or service and the USB mouses won't work with my adaptor. I can't get another adaptor since I'm in Burkina Faso, far off any place that would sell such a thing. Can you please help me?
    03-25-2015 09:45 AM
  2. SpookDroid's Avatar
    Hi there,

    Sorry to hear about your problem, but unfortunately, it seems like the Galaxy Ace doesn't support OTG USB, which is probably why you can't use the USB mouse.

    On top of that, the only way to get to your device now is either by replacing the screen or connecting a BlueTooth mouse, but for that to work, you'd need to have BT already on and using a previously-paired mouse...

    Do you have a secure lockscreen? If not, you can connect your phone to a PC and either back it up using Samsung Kies or copy your data to your computer using the File Explorer. If your phone has a secure lockscreen, however, that probably won't work as you'd need to unlock the device first for either option to work.
    03-25-2015 12:07 PM
  3. Rukbat's Avatar
    I think your only choice at this point is to find a friendly local repair shop with a used Ace screen with an owner who's willing (for a small fee, of course) to plug the screen into your phone long enough for you to copy your data to the SD card. (And, if you're planning on having the screen replaced, thank him by giving him the job, even if it costs a little more. Next time you do something like not backing up files that are important to you he''ll remember, and probably help you for free. (That's how I did it in my shops - if you were a regular customer and needed a little help I wouldn't ask for money.)

    Short of that, a trip to a large city or mailing the phone to a friend in one, I can't think of any other way than what SpookDroid suggested. (And from now on you're going to back up everything that's important to another device AND a free cloud account, right?)
    03-25-2015 03:34 PM

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