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    Saving e-mails in the Samsung Galaxy Ace as tough to find on the Internet, but I solved it and more issues.
    1) Open the e-mail you wish to save.
    2) Once it opens, touch your "MENU" button and it will open a menu.
    3) Look for "SAVE EMAIL" and click on it..and save the e-mail to it.
    If you want to print it out on your regular desktop...forward it to your e-mail where you can open and print it from your desktop.

    I MADE MY CELL PHONE INTO A PC - where I can see it HUGE on my main desktop monitor, and I can use my desktop keyboard and mouse. All I do now, is open the phone icon in "MY COMPUTER"...open the "SAVED EMAIL" in my files (seen on my monitor) and slide that email over to my desktop!

    To find out how YOU can make your Samsung Android into a fully functional P.C. get my FREE tutorial on YouTube at /jtylermusic. That subject is there, so just open it.

    John Tyler
    05-29-2015 03:30 PM

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