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    I have a small movable circle that always appears on one of my games. It doesn't seem to appear anywhere else on my phone just that game and it does nothing. It's not part of the game itself as I've played this game on other devices and it is not there.

    It reminds me of the notification from Facebook's Messenger where when someone messages you and their profile picture shows up on the screen and you could move it around if you didn't want to view the message at that time. Tapping it would open Messenger.

    However the phone does not have messenger nor Facebook installed on it. There is a small chance I had it installed once upon a time, but it is no longer on the phone nor the sd card-it's a new sd card.

    I want this to go away. It does nothing when tapped nor when long pressed. I can move it all over the screen but that's it. I'm annoyed by it even though the circle is see through.

    I have not tried resetting the phone and starting all over from the beginning. I rather not do this as I would need to reformat my SD card which would mean taking off the important items (pictures, downloads, and what have you), format the card and then putting the stuff back onto it.

    While this may sound easy and in all respects it is, it is the time it takes to do all these steps and add the fact I would then have to reinstall apps and sign into some of those apps. Which also means I need to remember sign in information; what apps used what email address, the passwords....you guys know the drill. And in the end, I have absolutely no idea if that would even remove the silly thing! I would probably cry if I did all of this and it was still there.

    I've had this phone since late 2015. I got upset with MetroPCS and stopped using the phone about middle 2016. I just started using it again through AT&T because water got spilled on my Galaxy S4 and fried the charging port. Fun times.

    Please don't suggest I just ignore it. If I could do that, I wouldn't be here.
    05-20-2017 04:01 PM
  2. underway99's Avatar
    Since it appears that the issue is related to your game, it might make sense to uninstall and reinstall the game. Before you do that, open your apps manager (SETTINGS/APPLICATIONS) and tap on your game. Tap FORCE STOP. Then find STORAGE and tap CLEAR DATA. Go back one level (BACK once) and tap UNINSTALL. Finally, reboot your device and reinstall the game from the Play store.

    FYI, a factory data reset (FDR) shouldn't wipe your SD card. However, I always remove mine when I do a FDR. There's no win in tempting fate.
    05-20-2017 08:50 PM
  3. CheshireRaptor's Avatar
    I already mentioned that this is not an issue related to the game. I have played the game on other devices (like my S4) and the circle was not there. It has never been there on any device for this game until now.

    The thing with the SD card: it's a good idea to format any SD card you use for your devices. Especially if you have used it with other devices. This way there isn't any "junk" from the last device on the SD card and your new device doesn't have to search through and find the right files/information. This helps keep your device from heating up and using a lot of cpu.
    05-20-2017 08:57 PM

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