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    I have removed then re-installed the Google app and cleared the cache on the phone but no success with getting the "Say Ok Google" phrase to stick in the home screen widget. It's there for a second then it's gone!I have to click the mic button to speak a question and have it heard. It will NOT work if I say something w/o that silly phrase being there!

    If I open the Google app, THEN the phrase is there and it stays in place.
    I've looked at all the settings and it seems they are all what they should be, Google Voice is of course ON.

    Just a small thing but it'd be a timesaver if it worked as it once did.

    thanks a lot! Fwiw I did a search and there are tons of answers but I have yet to find the one I need.

    09-03-2017 06:47 PM

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