1. ctnguye3's Avatar
    Is anyone having issues with their Samsung fold front screen waking up randomly? The screen lights up and I would think I have a notification when its nothing. I've tried everything (disabling all motions and gestures, always on display, notifications) but can't seem to pinpoint what's causing it to wake up. This happens randomly and can be super annoying. My last resort is to reset the phone but I am trying to avoid that, I'm hoping for a quick fix. Thanks
    10-07-2019 12:22 PM
  2. SpookDroid's Avatar
    I think it's a bug in the newest Samsung builds because I noticed the same thing on the Tab S6. Only seen it a couple times, but I've caught the screen just lighting up for no reason.

    I haven't delved into it, but I believe there are apps that do give you a history of what's triggering wake ups.
    10-09-2019 05:32 PM
  3. monty Stinson's Avatar
    Hope you cleared up your issue, no issues so far, great battery life, not picking up the iPad as often.
    10-23-2019 10:58 AM

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