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    Just got mine in black and after configuring the basics showed it to the kids and they went ooh and aah over it. They just could not believe it. My son said it was like Ben Tens watch. My short review it is actually worth every penny and is a really good looking funky watch that makes and receives calls, gets notifications email, text etc and much more to come. Don't have any buyers remorse. Plus I actually thinks it's a great companion for Note 3 where the GG becomes a great companion when one is social and wants to just glance at things instead of pulling your phone out that is a serious work horse.

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    11-06-2013 03:42 PM
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    I am with you guy, the GG is super cool. However, "cool" is subjective. What is cool to us, maybe a turn off to others... Anyway, I am walking around with the Note 3 in a cheap holster type case, the GG on my left arm and my Pulsar black chronograph on my right arm. Couldn't get myself to ditch my chronograph.. So, for a while I will be double watch.. At a store, a cute saleslady shouted, OMG, he has that watch.. And I can only do or know basic functions, with the GG and the Note 3, I'm having big fun. .To me, definitely worth the almost a $1000 investment..
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    11-06-2013 05:07 PM

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