1. anon(5397195)'s Avatar
    Is it possible to edit the text message reply's from when you receive a text message?
    01-18-2014 08:25 PM
  2. itinj6's Avatar
    If you're talking about the preset text message replies, open Gear manager, click on "Notification", scroll all the way to the bottom till you see "Manage Text Templates" click on that and hit the "+" key at the top.

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    01-18-2014 11:25 PM
  3. Kevie Cam's Avatar
    I created at least 20+ text replies and literally don't have to worry about typing any responses anymore. It's freaking sweet!

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    01-19-2014 08:17 AM
  4. anon(5397195)'s Avatar
    awesome, I wonder why I didn't notice that before!
    01-19-2014 09:06 AM

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