1. kongen123's Avatar
    This is something I have wanted! Getting the sound from my Note 3 on my gear. Like listening to the radio on my Note 3, but having the sound going to the gear. So that when im working and walking around the house, I will have with me the radio at all time on my wrist.

    I could not find a app for this, but suddenly my gear started to play audio from my note 3 when I was listening to the radio. Then it stopped after 5 sec. So I guess it would be very easy to implement in an app. We can do this with calls, but not with music, podcast and radio? Come on samsung! Are you waiting with all the good stuff to gear 2? What about us supporting you right now?
    01-27-2014 03:25 AM
  2. IAmCashmere_D's Avatar
    If I'm on a Call and turn my music on it'll play still when I wake up. I'm sure it will come with an update.

    Posted via Android Central App
    01-27-2014 04:58 AM

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