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    I've had the ORIGINAL Galaxy Gear since Christmas, and be until last week, had it working it my S4.

    I recently upgraded to the S5, and couldn't be happier. Sure, it isn't the Gear2, but I have seen a HUGE improvement in battery life of the gear. Not sure if the S5 has better Bluetooth than the S4, but I am now getting a solid 2 days out of my gear, I used to not be able to get a full work day (about 14 hours for me).

    Also, notifications are great. Seem to sync from my S5 to my gear in no time.

    I thought about getting the Gear2 (or neo) but am very happy I'm sticking it out with the original gear until some of the new Android wear devices are released.

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    04-24-2014 09:05 PM

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