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    I've been scouring the Web for a way to get okay google on your Samsung Galaxy Gear, I found nothing! Until I found an app called OpenMic which let's you have Okay Google active all the time even when the screen is off a bit like a Moto X, but hidden in the app was a gem the mighty listen over Bluetooth headsets button it's a premium feature however you don't have to pay just when the notice pops up click share and share to two social networks, simple! Then mark Bluetooth headset, warning this app can be horribly annoying if set up wrong eg turning on the listen feature when opening or closing app this takes away the options and just is annoying so make sure to mark always listening also there is for screen off mark this at your own choice. However back to the Gear, once you've ticked Bluetooth headset simply connect your Gear watch to your phone and make sure OpenMic is listening (turn on always listening) then once always listening forgot about your phone! Put it away and talk into that damn watch if configured properly and connected you should put your mouth near the speaker and say Okay Google followed by your command (Don't do it in a noisy environment) and although there is no visual feedback if your phone has 3G/4G or wifi you should hear your watch talk back telling you the answer to your command! It's that simple! Enjoy Google now on your watch! No more crappy S Voice. This should also work on Gear 2 and Gear Fit. Hope this helps! All thanks appreciated as I spent a lot of time making this simple and readable and easy for you to do.

    Download OpenMic from Google Play Store.

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