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    I tried to Install TIzen on my gear and somehow along the way it got stuck and froze,
    So I disconnected it and now it will not reboot but only go to download screen so i tried to flash it with Odin3 for several times previous ones just stuck and freezes
    so i tried a few different roms from sammobiles and at last the i found a rom that goes trough with the flash as Odin3 says PASS! so I took it off and push the power switch and now its bricked and the computer wont detect it any more. Is there anyway can this be fix or none? hope somebody can help. Thanks guys.
    Attached Thumbnails SM-V700 Dead after flashing-92953477_225910768485065_2621642763258560512_n.jpg   SM-V700 Dead after flashing-92953477_225910768485065_2621642763258560512_n.jpg  
    04-11-2020 05:37 AM

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