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    Dear All

    Thus far I have been using Samsung Galaxy Ace GT5830i. I use the same kind of apps in my newly purchased Samsung Galaxy Grand I9082 now. Most of my usage pertains to Facebook which I access via Dolphin browser.

    Just 12 days into my billing cycle, I got a warning message from the service provider saying that I have only 200 MB left of my 1 GB data limit! Although there has been no major change in the amount of my usage.

    I experimented by switching background data off, checking my data limit, and then all I did was just browse Facebook as usual in Dolphin for just about 5 minutes. About 2.27 MB of data was used in the process! I repeated this experiment thrice, same results.

    Is this normal?!

    I don't think I can afford using up a little more than 2 MB for every 5 mins of FB surfed!
    But this didn't happen with my earlier phone and I could comfortably surf for longer durations and my 1 GB limit lasted well into the month....

    Please help if anyone else had a similar experience or if indeed it is supposed to take up 2 MB for every 5 min browsing of FB in Dolphin!

    Thanks in advance!
    07-10-2013 06:50 AM

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