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    Hey, My Mobile Is Samsung galaxy grand 1 duos GT-I9082 ANDROID VERSION 4.2.2 It's rooted mobile , My proplem started when I went to clockwormod Recovery , which appers when u press raise volume up button, power button , and that middle button , then I went to advanced , then I found something called partition sd card I pressed on it then I choosed a size was 250 mega I think then ater the reboot I found all my information went , I Really didn't know why I pressed on it , My proplem is 1) I recovered my very important voice file (m4a and AMR0 but its corrupted so I want way to repair , 2) I pressed on that sd partition again but this time I chooed 3gega then I found my sd card became its total space 3 gega instead of 8 gega how I make it 8 again ad where this storage went to ?
    02-11-2016 12:15 PM

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