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    OK so I just switched over from Apple to Samsung, and there are many differences between jail breaking and rooting. But really, all I would really want out of a root is two things: Be able to save games to my external SD card, and maybe get some free in app purchases later on. (My main concern is the SD card though.. I only have 8GB.) Ive already rooted once (I did it with Kingroot, because it seemed to be the only one click root I could use, because I didn't feel like using Odin) Well, I did something wrong. The root worked, and I got to save some new games to my SD. Then I shut off my phone, and then later went to turn it back on, and BOOM: It wouldn't boot, and there was a big yellow triangle with a exclamation point, with some text that I cant remember (I remember the word "kernel" was on the screen though, I think it said something like "the kernel is not secure" or something along those lines). I was able to reset my phone using Kies 3, although I lost everything. Now, though, I really want that extra space, and I can only use it with root access. The only thing that I found that maybe could have prevented that is if I unlocked the OEM. But I'm not sure. I'm hoping someone could help me and root my device, but this time not mess it up. Because I'm new to this I imagine I missed something the first time around, so it wouldn't surprise me if I missed something big.
    tl:dr: I rooted once, messed up my phone, I want to root again, but I don't know if there's a stable root for my phone
    02-15-2016 05:14 PM

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