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    Good morning to you all.

    "Tap twice to unlock" pops up just after I initiate a call so it makes it impossable to put the phone on loudspeaker or use any of the options on that screen unless I tap it. It pops up again almost immediately and so I have to tap again before ending the call. It's annoying and frankly do not see the point unless it's a way of adding a few seconds to the phone bill!

    I have initiated (settings/accesibility/answering ending calls/) to home key answer and power button end call.
    But can the "Tap twice to unlock" pop up be disarmed?

    Being new to Android phones I am also wondering if it makes a difference which phone you have. My Samsung Trend Lite has Android 4.1.2 installed. Does that function the same way on all other makes using the same 4.1.2?
    07-21-2014 03:34 AM

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