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    Samsung Mega 6.3 GT-I9200 running 4.2.2.

    Rooted about 2 years ago using Odin, with never an error, now suddenly after updating lucky patcher, if I open lucky patcher I get 'no root found', then opening SuperSU (from Play Store) reveals error 'There is no SU binary intalled, and SuperSU cannot install it. This is a problem!'

    Root Check reports device is not rooted! FolderMount, BusyBox, etc also report no root, requiring uninstalling Lucky Patcher and rebooting phone to get back to normal rooted service.
    Tried rerooting twice with Odin again without any positive result. Only occurs if I open lucky patcher which ran for 2 years without error. Even reinstalling previous working version didn't correct error.
    Any ideas would be much appreciated.
    02-26-2016 04:26 PM
  2. dpham00's Avatar
    Sorry, we do not allow for discussion of lucky patcher here
    02-26-2016 04:36 PM

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