1. xx760xx's Avatar
    Sorry for a lot of caps in the title but I'm in a bad spot. A friend let me take his Samsung Galaxy Mega (SGH-I527) so I could root it, install SuperSU, Xposed modules etc. It doesn't have a sim card, he really just wants it for Pokemon GO. I showed him my Pokemon GO Spoofer Xposed module, and told him I would set it all up for him.

    Unfortunately.... I screwed up. I usually don't either, so this is pretty frightening for me.

    I downloaded TWRP from the Play Store, as SuperSU couldn't update itself by the normal option. I downloaded a SuperSU update from the XDA forums so I could flash it in Recovery mode. I decided to try and flash it in TWRP, and it said it would reboot into recovery. It didn't boot into Recovery Mode, so I took the battery out and tried again. Still no Recovery Mode.

    Finally, I tried one more time, and now the phone will not do ANYTHING. It will not charge. It will not display as connected on ODIN, Kies, and my laptop in general. Not only will it not boot up normally..... but it also won't boot into Download Mode OR Recovery Mode.

    Basically, I feel SO bad right now. I literally have no idea what to do at all, and after many Google searches...... well...... I fear that there is no fixing this. Unless I were to pay a professional or something like that, of course.

    If anybody can help me, please do. I'm freaking out right now.
    If I am 100% screwed, PLEASE TELL ME RIGHT AWAY!!!!!! I would appreciate it!!!
    08-04-2016 06:57 AM
  2. anon(632115)'s Avatar
    Sounds like it's hard bricked. Probably needs a professional repair using a JTAG. Incidentally 1.5GB of RAM isn't enough to run Pokeman GO
    08-04-2016 07:07 AM

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