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    When you open S Finder, hover your S Pen on the search box, click the little "pen" icon, another search box comes up where you can draw a symbol that you can search. You are told what symbols you can search: star, circle, heart, smiley face, and question mark. See screenshot here. My question is can you add more symbols that you can search for? Are those five symbols the only ones you can search? If it's the latter, it seems like a very limited and pointless feature indeed.

    As we all know, S Finder is also able to search for handwritten words. But the caveat seems to be that it works only when the words are written in Action Memo, Screen Write, and S Note. It doesn't work when you go to Gallery, open a picture, and write some words on it (even though Screen Write does essentially the same thing). Apparently S Finder doesn't "index" the words so they can be searchable unless they are written with the right tools.

    Also, another caveat from my experience is that when handwritten words are written on colorful and/or dark backgrounds, they are less likely to be indexed and searchable than when they are written on light, solid backgrounds.
    12-10-2013 04:47 PM

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