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    So the Note 2014 was released back on November 8th, and other than a couple hours in the middle of the night of Black Friday, I haven't even seen the option to reserve in store at any B&M store near me. Out of stock for a month and a half since release date seems completely ridiculous to me.

    I've also not seen any B&M store allowing an online purchase even for a limited time. The only 3 B&M stores I've found that even list the tablet are Futureshop, BB and recently, Staples.

    Am I just totally missing something, or is this tablet impossible to buy in Canada (emphasis on IN ...I don't want to buy out of country)?

    On Samsung Canada's FB page, whenever some one inquires about it, they just say "we don't control stock, contact your fav electronics store". So are FS and BB just trying to sell off their old 2012 version stock before they allow any of their stores to stock more than one a week? Meanwhile, the Ipad Air has been constantly available since release date. Argg. How are we supposed to get any kind of price drop/sales if they don't even really sell it yet??
    12-20-2013 11:28 PM
  2. SpookDroid's Avatar
    I just made peace with the fact that the tablet is not even being sold at all in my country, and we're a border away from the US... I just took advantage of a trip I had to stay in Texas for a layover and had the tablet delivered to my hotel.
    12-20-2013 11:42 PM
  3. Uschiekid's Avatar
    Maybe if that were the case here I would look at alternatives, but to be honest, for me, going to the states or buying from the states online is just not an option.

    I know there are a few canadians on this forum and others who have actually managed to purchase their note 2014 in canada because they were lucky enough to live near where there happened to be stock, I'm just blown away that there are not more people complaining. The best was when BB and FS advertised in my local flyer the new note, but yet NEVER had stock that entire week, in store or online.

    The funny thing is I never planned to buy it the second it was released, but I don't think I was unrealistic in expecting it would be in multiple stores by Christmas, and that considering all the great discounts that have already been availably in the states, I thought we might get the odd small discount for boxing day sales. But since there is still no stock anywhere I can't imagine there will be a single sale.
    12-21-2013 11:02 AM
  4. ChuckeeDroid's Avatar
    It took me about 2 weeks to finally track one down. I'm in toronto but was going to barrie for another reason when I found online that there was stock there.
    A quick check just now shows that there was no stock at BB or FS.

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    12-22-2013 02:58 PM
  5. Stump3r's Avatar
    If your out west Visions Electronics has stock on them. I got tired of waiting on Future shop, BB and Staples and was shocked to find out Visions has them.
    12-23-2013 06:30 PM
  6. Uschiekid's Avatar
    thanks for the tip, unfortunately i'm out east. i've tried looking at the smaller stores as well, so far no luck.
    12-23-2013 06:58 PM
  7. Uschiekid's Avatar

    Well, FS has it for a measly 20$ reduced boxing day sale for 2 days, of course can't check stock without going to the store. So I tried one, and of course still none, just like almost everywhere since release date, but they at least offered to honour the "sale" when stock comes in and call me to notify me of the stock. We'll see, but I guess better than nothing.
    12-26-2013 05:39 PM
  8. anon(527940)'s Avatar
    Yep, stock is lacking. I bought my first one on Nov 1st from FS when it released, and managed to get an official book cover off tigerdirect.ca (yes they sell them online). I actually ended up returning my original one i bought from FS this week after over 6 weeks of use due to the screen forming air bubbles underneath (lucked out with their extended holiday return policy), and bought a new one from staples yesterday.

    Anyway you should check out NCIX because they do have stock right now. Canada Computers is another place you can order from BUT it's final sale with them for this tablet.
    12-27-2013 10:25 AM
  9. Uschiekid's Avatar
    Thanks for the infos. I happened to notice staples finally had stock before I read this, so I ordered from them by phone this morning (price-matched, FS has extended their sale ..but it was hard work convincing the lady I talked to...for all of $20 ). Turns out they are already back out of stock, only a few hours later.

    This is the weirdest product launch I've ever seen. I would understand if there had been a big launch and a lot of buzz and despite stock being available when released, they quickly sold out, but it seems that they are getting extremely small batches of stock...like 5 or 10 at once (countrywide), 2 months after release, this just seems bizarre.
    12-28-2013 04:15 PM
  10. ChuckeeDroid's Avatar
    Rumour has it that samsung is launching a Note Pro 12.2 or something is Q1 of 2014. Maybe waiting a couple months is a good idea.

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    12-29-2013 08:42 PM

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