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    So here is another example of a great device with great features, but VERY poor documentation and support.

    Using Samsung link to share pics and videos from any of your Samsung devices to your Samsung TV is pretty easy with Samsung link, IF you send a file from THAT device TO the TV. But when you look at Samsung link, it FINDS all of your registered Samsung devices. For me, thats 2 SGS4 phones, and a Galaxy Tab 3 and my Note. So when I open Samsung link, I can SEE all the media on ALL those devices, pretty cool ya?

    So one would "think" that you could send a picture or video FROM any of those devices TO the TV right? I mean you CAN see all the pics and all the files and all the videos on ALL the devices FROM any of the devices, so the assumtion would be, if its visible in the Link app, it should be available to send right? Well Noooooo... when you pick a device, unless its the device you are on, you can pick a pic to see, and it shows on the screen OF the device you are on (example , I view a pic from my phone, ON my tablet withith the Link app) but if I want to send that to the TV to see, it does find and communicate with the TV , but after a few seconds it displays on the tablet "Unable to play file", no other explanation or method to view, just that.

    So after much head banging, I started experimenting. Know that Android sometimes has hidden "stuff" under a long press, I tried that. on file that was visible on the tablet, but was physically ON the phone. It popped up a menu of options, that had Share and Download available. First I tried Share, and I saw it looked like it was doing a download of the selected file. It THEN brought up a share menu, email, etc... I cancelled that window and then I noticed the selected file was now showing as an available file ON the tablet tab of the available devices for Link. I tapped it on that tab and Voila! it now played on the TV. I then tried the long press on another file that dwells on the phone , but visible on the tablet, and selected "download". It did the download, without the sharing pop up. Same thing, its now available for sending to the TV from the Tablet tab of the Link app.

    Now here is where it gets tricky and took me a while to figure out. WHERE is it downloading these files TO? For some reason, when I did a universal search from Astro Files for the entire SD storage, it did not find the file. I dont know why, I have to further explore this. But I finally did find it, it downloads these files to the DCIM folder and creates a sub folder in there called Photos. NO where is any documentation is that listed, and why does it say photos, and why does the error message say "Cannot play file", instead of a simple message of "Please download to device to play"

    I LOVE the NOTE, but I often times am frustrated with Samsungs documentation and support of these very complex and feature rich devices.

    Hope this made sense and helps somebody..

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    12-27-2013 08:33 AM
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    So basically:
    Problem: File could't share
    Initially: Didn't know how to use it so it didn't work
    Afterwards: Been creative and solved the issue
    Status: Solved
    I don't see what's the issue here...
    12-27-2013 08:53 AM
  3. dianehelen's Avatar
    Issue is sharing information so maybe it helps someone else? is that a problem for you?
    12-27-2013 09:24 AM

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