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    I received the Galaxy Note 10.1 2014 for Christmas. I particularly chose this model of tablet for use as an academic device as I wanted something that would allow me to use a pen to write notes from a text directly onto the device (which would turn my notes to text) and to have two windows open simultaneously for note taking.

    I'm leaving this message in case it's of use to anybody else looking for the same functions. There are some important points to note that are not obvious prior to purchase.

    1. It is possible to write notes when using any application by pressing and holding the cog key on the keyboard to produce a T icon which can be pressed to load a yellow notepad which will allow the writing of text. The yellow pad app is not particularly good at handwriting recognition and I don't consider my own handwriting to be either particularly illegible or particularly neat. It is my plan to buy a blue tooth keyboard for easier entry of text when not making handwritten notes. (I find the process of handwriting to be useful for retention of notes and a physical process that can't be replaced by keyboard entry). However, a keyboard is fine for writing essays etc.

    2. The device's own software, S Note, can translate handwriting to text, but only after you write the text and then select what you've just written. That is very painful and time consuming. Fortunately, I discovered a program (through reading other message boards) named My Script Notes Mobile. It cost about 6 from the app store, but does the job of interpreting handwriting and translating it directly (immediately) to text. It's about 90% accurate with my writing. Don't bother with Papyrus or Evemote as these are good for taking notes but neither can currently translate writing to text.

    3. There is one slight drawback with the Multiscreen function. It is only possible to use Multiscreen on certain apps. Whilst it works for S Note (and Evernote), it does not work for My Script notes! Since it appears to work on various non - Samsung apps, I am hoping it might be made available for My Script Notes, but who knows? On a related point, it is also not possible to use Kindle on Multi screen. This is quite a massive problem as many of my pdfs and books are on Kindle and I want to be able to write notes from the text. It looks as though I can do it using the yellow notepad function from the keyboard, but only directly into Kindle and not on to a separate app. I imagine other academics / students already find this an issue. I suspect it's a kindle problem and not a Samsung problem, but if there were a way of overcoming it, I as many other students would have a tablet far better suited for academic work.

    I'd be grateful to hear from others using the device for note-taking to exchange tips and ideas.
    12-28-2013 07:35 PM
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    Please review some of the threads regarding Bluetooth keyboard issues prior to purchasing a BT keyboard. My own BT keyboard (Motorola) works flawlessly with every other Android device I own (both phones and tablets) but is quite unreliable with this tablet. Perhaps some BT keyboards interface more reliably with the 2014 Edition.

    Sent from my SM-P600 using Tapatalk
    01-05-2014 05:45 PM
  3. ddavtian's Avatar
    If you root, you can add any app to multi - window. Otherwise app developer needs to make a small change, write to developer.

    You can install MyScript Stylus beta, it works in all apps and has a great recognition. With it you can use any note taking app and write your notes,

    I use SPenBoard switcher, it switches to Stylus beta when S Pen is out and to on-screen keyboard otherwise.
    01-05-2014 07:14 PM

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