1. Shawn Waldo's Avatar
    I did a quick search and came up with nothing so ill ask her for those of you that use s-note...
    I am using dropbox to "share" my snote documents from school with my home pc.With PDF, On first try the document did show up with all pages but only hand written notes were visible. No text that I had typed or converted to text being shown.. Also, everything after the first line of actual text is blank whether hand written words or text words..

    As a second option sharing everything as "images" showed everything albeit each page was and individual page and by effect causes much more data consumption.

    Anyone able to share PDF and have converted or typed text show up?
    01-25-2014 03:39 PM
  2. dianehelen's Avatar
    Repligo Reader is the best app for that. you can edit/see/save pdf docs to and from dropbox. it's in Google Play and well worth the few bucks
    01-25-2014 04:26 PM
  3. Shawn Waldo's Avatar
    unfortunately im not looking for an app because I am using adobe reader on my at home computer which if anything should be able to read pdfs... I more have a question of is the galaxy changing the way it save the document after the text is added.... possibly anyone else at there that has successfully shared snote notes with a computer
    01-25-2014 04:36 PM
  4. dianehelen's Avatar
    oh ok I see what you are asking now. hmm I can create an s note with typed text, converted text, handwriting, and drawn images, export it as pdf to my Dropbox, and get it from my pc and see everything fine.
    01-25-2014 04:56 PM
  5. Shawn Waldo's Avatar
    ah, well thank you.. I am dumbfounded now... I will Possibly have to do a fresh install of adobe reader on the computer and see if that happend to change anything... Thanks for the reply that it does indeed work. if a solution is found i will post here a answer.
    01-25-2014 05:53 PM
  6. dianehelen's Avatar
    If you want to test and trade test files let me know. See if it's your adobe, reader, or something else
    Shawn Waldo likes this.
    01-25-2014 10:49 PM
  7. Shawn Waldo's Avatar
    SOLVED.... My Adobe Reader was a version behind but the main issue is that I was prompted to install a "Extended Asian Font" pack from adobe once installed PDF show normal now.. Thanks for the help!
    01-26-2014 10:55 PM
  8. dianehelen's Avatar
    yay! love when mysteries get Solved. Glad you can create and access your snote files. good deal!
    01-26-2014 11:06 PM

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