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    Hello all,

    This is my first message and I would like to thank in advance to all whom have anything to say.

    I just got myself an SM-P602 in Turkey. 602 is a variant of 601 which lacks the phone function (Maybe some other stuff as well).

    It came with Android 4.3 preloaded and installed a couple security updates during the first boot. Now here's the current system info:

    Android version: 4.3
    Baseband version: P602JVUAMJ2
    Kernel version: 3.4.39-1682900 / se.infra@R02010-11 #1 / Tue Oct 14 18:19:14 KST 2013
    Build numer: JSS15J.P602JVUAMJ2
    SELinux status: SEPF_SM-P602_4.3_0002

    There is a video on Youtube which shows this feature on a SM-P600. His Kernel version is higher than mine (3.4.39-2040736).

    Now I want to know if there's a way to upgrade the kernel to get the multi user support (I guess it's available on P602JVUAMJ4). It's not rooted, but I might take that path if necessary.

    Again, thanks a lot in advance
    02-22-2014 07:38 AM

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