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    I have had the Note 10.1 for a while now and I use it everyday but it has not become as useful as it should in my work. It is a great play device but I need it to become a great work device. Now I realize this is not the fault of the Note but the blame lies with me.

    I am looking for ideas as to how you use the not in your job. What apps do you find worth having? How does the Note work for you. I am pretty confident that the ideas you share will get me and maybe others headed in the right direction. Currently I use Office OneNote and sync that with my Phone, laptop and desktop PC's and that works pretty well. I would like to find a good app that will work like a white board that once I have ideas written on it I can copy it off to OneNote.
    I have my Outlook Calendar, contacts and Mail all synced with all my devices.

    I am just looking for some ideas and examples of how you make this device a useful tool .


    04-25-2014 09:25 AM
  2. TabGuy's Avatar
    My biggest use of the Note 10.1 is at work. Primarily I use it for corporate email (Touchdown) and often use it for note taking via Evernote.
    04-25-2014 02:28 PM
  3. bthornton84's Avatar
    I bring mine to work occasionally just to kill time with, but I found a really productive use for it this week: remoting into my Windows desktop. The Microsoft Remote Desktop client for Android is very capable (especially with the touch - centric Windows 8) and having the full power of my workstation available to me anywhere in the office is very handy. The screen elements can be a bit small due to the Note's resolution, but using the S-Pen to interact with the smaller UI elements works great.

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    04-25-2014 05:37 PM
  4. Torque's Avatar
    I am in the final transition year of vet school, so I use it 14-16hrs a day. We still have some lectures so it takes notes and records, multi window allows me to grab info/charts/graphics etc from web/textbooks/etc to implant into my notes. In labs its great for a tech to hold for me when i need to reference surgerical procedures and approaches as im working, I also use it to calculate drug and fluid doses as i'm simultaneously running anesthesia and charting everything digitally and can reference normals as well in multi window. On clinics I can pull up client/patient files before I go into the room for the appointment. I then can record my physical exam digitally, use the auscultation timer app if I don't have a watch. I can view rads, MRI, CT-scan, ultrasound images easily, they're all at my fingertips, thought it'd be nice if osirix would at least make an android platform version if not windows but that will never happen and there are other dicom viewers in the world. Very handy to check references and make my differential list in the few minutes I have before presenting to head clinicians. I like using s-note to fill in medical records, discharge papers, prescription requests. I can take amazing quality pictures of histology/cytology results to include in medical files and to show owners. I also use it to have the students I tutor sign in and with one button I submit it via email, no more print/scan/emailing. Its more of a risk to carry it around on the large animal facilities but still use it for a lot there as well.

    Most of the work related apps I have are file converting types especially to/from pdf's for things that adobe itself is too annoying to use for. I've found polaris and kingsoft office enough for what I need but I know some people with extremely heady spreadsheets get bogged down in them. Kindle has replaced 100's of lbs of text books, beyondpod plays my podcasts straight through my car stereo, sticky notes apps galore, my russian language learning module has a tablet friendly app, banking, printing, video conferencing, presentations by screen mirroring or hdmi, amazon movies to the tv... list goes on. I definitely agree that remote access opens the production capabilities wide open too.
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    04-25-2014 10:19 PM
  5. Blackbeagle's Avatar
    I am an IT consultant. I have weekly meetings so I take all my notes with this tablet. 6 months later, while everyone else's notes are long gone in the trash, mine is still organized in the Note. Also took the Note to a company site to do a survey. I took pictures of all IT assets, wrote notes and labeled each one. So that every device had notes regarding the user and all of its spec. Once I got back to the office, I opened my notes, and attached pictures that I took, to each note, converted it to PDF and sent it by email to each of my engineers. They loved it. So without being there onsite, they are able to see which device belongs to whom, the specs of the device and what it looks like.

    I told the company owner that all consultant and engineer should have one. Leave your Ipad at home. It can't do what this can when it comes to note taking. Afterall, we are trying to be more efficient and not get better at Angry Birds.

    I love the Note...and now with the new Kit Kat update, it's snappier than ever.
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    04-25-2014 11:43 PM
  6. bclinger#IM's Avatar
    Spreadsheets, pdf files (creating, annotating), database. Applications: Documents To Go, Lecture Notes, Handbase.

    Via my Note 3
    04-26-2014 04:04 AM
  7. Kulu21's Avatar
    I think I might need a new tablet and am looking at the Note - I would need to use mine for written note taking, can someone let me know how the Note handles rapid writing? I have a Galaxy Tab 2 at the moment and it's just not good enough for this (but then I suppose it was not designed to be).

    The other question is whether you can rest your palm on the screen when using the S-Pen without the tablet thinking your palm is trying to write. Handwriting recognition would be useful, but the main thing I am after is accurate capturing of the writing itself.

    Edited to ask whether or not you notice any lag when using the tablet? One of the problems with the Tab 2 that I am using at the moment is that it is very laggy - that may just be its age.
    04-27-2014 06:09 AM
  8. Remaxmatt's Avatar
    I don't find any noticeable lag, and the palm cancellation ensures that you can write with the s pen and not worry about your hand.

    ~best phone in the known Galaxy~
    04-27-2014 11:40 AM
  9. slackerjack's Avatar
    Its on a different level than any other tablet for taking notes... The wacom digitizer is an extra piece of tech that sits between the screen and the glass that allows for handwritten notes and drawing/sketching

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    04-27-2014 07:58 PM
  10. nrthwds's Avatar
    I am a Photographer and upload all my years of photos to the sd card by year. I use Quick Pic when I go to a gallery and they can look through all my photos and select the ones they want to order. Quick pic shows the name of the photo so I know which ones to print when I get home. Prior to this year I used a HP Touchpad and had to export a pdf file from Lightroom in order to get the file name on the photos so I would know which ones the Gallery wanted to order. This is a much smoother operation and is much easier for the Gallery owner to use than the PDF file that they had to pinch and zoom for thumbnail or full screen. It can be done with any android tablet with space to save thousands of photos. My choice of the Note 10 2014 was because of the high resolution screen to view my photos. Works great!
    04-29-2014 09:44 AM
  11. Francoiso Hfx's Avatar
    I use mine all the time at work. Brought it for that reason. I take notes, manage my calendar which sync with my S4.
    I'm in the construction industry and have all the design drawings and specification documents on the tablet. I used ezpdf to annotate the pdfs. Way better than carrying several rolls of large format drawings all over the place. And since I can be working on 10-20 different projects at a time I'm now never without the relevant information anymore.
    05-31-2014 06:09 AM
  12. danransom's Avatar
    I'm a general Contractor and use it all the time, just got it a week ago. Also have the note 2. The s pen I use the most. Taking pictures of jobs I'm estimating and making Notes on them for reference. Also for Docs and viewing building plans when I don't have them handy. I use Trello to keep track of job progress. Without wifi avaliable I use wifi direct to transfer files on the job. Samsung link comes in handy as well for getting files off computer. I don't use pen and paper since I've has the note 2. This is a great why to keep track off notes.

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    05-31-2014 08:13 AM
  13. danransom's Avatar
    Yes I do the same thing but I do carry plans with me. Easier to read them or show others to keep them on the same page. But I will say that screen write comes in handy to show details of plans I'm going into more details with.

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    05-31-2014 08:17 AM
  14. iso99's Avatar
    For those who wants heavy note taking, try Papyrus.

    I use the tablet, mostly when outside. JuiceSSH is very handy for terminal works, and recently discovered Hacker Keyboard (very much same with a regular keyboard). Then there are various apps for signing documents instead of print/scan/email.

    Sketckbook came handy once when I needed to handdraw icons.
    qPDF for heavy pdf files, using them to view and search technical manuals.
    Polaris for docs but havent used it much.
    05-31-2014 10:17 AM
  15. Jelly Belly's Avatar
    I've yet to find a use for mine.

    I bought it as a companion to the Note 3 thinking it was a better match than the iPad I had. I was right i think, it is better to have the Note 10.1 rather than the iPad especially as I like the S-Pen.

    I use mine mainly for watching videos at the moment.

    Because the Note 3 screen is so big I find many work related uses for that.
    05-31-2014 11:52 AM
  16. OneOfManyGalaxies's Avatar
    I use mine for drawing/painting with Artflow and with a Bluetooth keyboard for notes and writing essays at school. I then proceed to laugh at my classmates sitting with their iPads and forgetting their facts before they get any chance to write them down while I just use multiwindow

    Posted via Android Central App
    06-02-2014 03:04 PM

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