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    I've been debating upgrading by 2012 & getting a 2014 ... I primarily use my tablet for note taking (papyrus) and documentation review & technical journal note taking.

    My issues with the 2012:
    (1) lack of ability to go "emersion-mode" or full screen when using apps. I often "palm" the panel settings or buttons while taking notes.
    (2) s-spen feel and ease is still frustrating for taking notes with a natural grip.
    (3) not very well placed panel action buttons

    I've trued the 2014 using stock at a Best Buy a few times, things I've noticed with it:

    (1) capacitive buttons are almost more obnoxious than panel with accidental "palming" but at least that's only while in landscape and I take notes mainly in portrait.
    (2) the panel, while moved to top, is ridiculously large ... It doesn't need to be a full screen width, and keeping action keys for settings is annoying ... This is where I like stock android having ability to go into different panel perspectives.

    So all that said...

    - does 4.4.2 shrink the panel more? I've heard complaints folks liked the larger panel drop down but I'm not in that camp.

    - have people had issues with the capacitive buttons on the frame?


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    05-11-2014 10:00 AM
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    The update centers the drop down so width of it in landscape is equal to its width filling portrait. I'm in the hate it camp lol. Minimum number of settings buttons is full row across so 7. I had occasional issues with menu button but doesn't really happen anymore, I'm in landscape 100% of the time with heavy handwriting use and I'm left handed. The spen is glorious for natural hand writing and drawing for me and I hold it at a severe angle. Since the update I seem to have a little more issue with writing distortion near the screen edges and corners, noticeably larger margin than previous 4.2.2 but haven't heard this from others. Multi screen is also now from the right and without the mark, I often need multiple tries bc if I'm in a doc it just scrolls to the next page. It also has a fixed minimum width of multi window that I personally hate. Still a productive monster of a tablet. ..
    05-11-2014 11:46 PM

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