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    I know the title may sound a bit strange, but here is my issue.

    A while back I went to Tim Horton to get breakfast and eat on site. The offered free Wi-Fi so why not using it. After accepting the terms of service, I opened my Chrome Browser, went to my favorites and went to see the Weather forecasts for my area.

    Later on in the day, I go back to my favorites and surprise, surprise, my weather forecast favicon has been replaced by a nice Tim Horton coffee cup!

    Since then, I have been trying to reset the favicon to its original image. I have deleted it, try to modify the name but nothing seems to work. This freakin Tim Horton Cup image always appears as soon as it sees the exact link for the weather forecast for my area. If I go on the same site, see the weather forecast for another city, save it as a favorites, then the proper image is shown.

    I also tried to look in some of the folders on my device and try to figure out where this link between the favicon image and the http link exists, but I am not too proficient with android devices.

    If anyone can help, it would be most appreciated. Note that this is not a life or death situation, far from it, but it sure is anoying.

    05-20-2014 02:11 PM

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