1. zqz's Avatar
    Have several PDF documents saved in Google Drive - Google Docs ...GD

    As I need these or make revisions, using other systems, laptops etc... I save them back to the GD and open them for talks and discussions on my Android tablet.

    They open just fine but if I have already viewed a previous version, the document name becomes name-1.PDF, name-2.PDF and so on.

    no problem with that, or so I thought, as I simply figured I can open Adobe Acrobat on the tablet and delete the "older items".

    I can't do that as there does not appear to be any kind of menu function for Delete, Clear Items, Clear List etc.

    When I view any PDF document, tapping on the Right Side of the screen gives me a Menu option on top and I can either navigate back to the FULL LIST of all items or I can copy, share etc .... but No Delete function.

    What am I missing, how do I delete my now 30 to 45 item long list of documents ?

    When I access my Personal Folders and delete all downloaded items, that does not clear the Adobe Acrobat list as every PDF is still able to be opened from Acrobat itself.
    07-01-2014 04:34 PM
  2. Dale_M's Avatar
    Google drive and any cloud storage is not your friend.....

    Might want to try different PDF file app.... I'm evaluating a app called "PDF Max" right now and it looks promising...

    07-01-2014 11:39 PM
  3. astrohip's Avatar
    Google drive and any cloud storage is not your friend.....
    Are you saying that in reference this tablet, or in general?

    Just curious.
    07-02-2014 09:03 AM
  4. Dale_M's Avatar
    Cloud rules on how to store, delete, manage your data are written by managers/owner of cloud.... IF you want to work under their rules you have to suffer with that frustration...

    IF you get your own personal cloud, you have total control on add. delete, sync of your data ... You can get your own domain and hosting service and run your own personal cloud....

    And I find that with limited wifi access having data in cloud is not always accessible..... Also not sold on data security in cloud... IF hackers can get into TARGET data base and steal CC data, you cloud is just a vulnerable.... IF you are paranoid, you would realize having all your data in cloud, is just easier to "government" to monitor what you do....

    Clouds are not for you, they are for people selling you a service that they convince you you need (and may not)... Think of the day when some cloud services suddenly say its no longer free, it will be $15 a month to access your stored data or $100 for you to access and remove your data from our servers in bulk....

    Its beginning to happen with companies like Microsoft that are now leasing you the software on yearly subscription bases, when before you could buy it use it and it was yours....

    Not sure where computing is going other then there is more big corporation more in control of it every day..

    Personally I don't what anything I consider my personal data (billing services, CC numbers, family tree data) in a cloud... To ease to get hacked...

    I have a relative who's attitude is "just put everything in cloud, its safe"..... Feel sorry for her when there is a awakening....

    07-02-2014 12:01 PM
  5. zqz's Avatar
    Thank you all for the reples but Me Thinks my Question was Lost In The Cloud

    I am not asking anything about Google or Drive or Cloud. My question could be simply someone sending me via email (MS Exchange, Outlook, etc) a research document that happens to be a PDF format. I open and read my email and click on the PDF file which opens in my tablet in Adobe Acrobat.

    No problem with any of that.

    Question is, How do I delete the documents that are now available in Adobe ? I am NOT USING any cloud services with Adobe, don't have an account with them and do NOT share any of my documents with anyone.

    I simply want to "Clean Up" the list of documents that I no longer need to keep in Acrobat.

    Note that Acrobat DOES NOT have access to any of my documents in email or Cloud. I manually open the document from some source (USB connection, email, download, etc..) and the LIST that I wish to delete is the list on the tablet which opens even when I terminate the WIFI network connection. This means there is a cache of some sorts but it's not available via browsing the tablet so I have no idea where this list is managed as soon I will have over 100 documents which I don't need to keep.
    07-02-2014 04:38 PM
  6. zqz's Avatar
    OK. Figured it out.

    There are 3 ways, the most dramatic being to Uninstall Acrobat.

    The other 2 benign ways are via Settings, lookup Default Apps and there is a Reset/Wipe/Empty button depending on your language version. Also, via Settings, looking at running tasks, Acrobat shows a Reset/Wipe/Empty and this removes the list of documents.

    All good now !
    07-02-2014 06:12 PM
  7. Dale_M's Avatar
    If you used 'file manager' it should permanetly delete file, no matter what Adobe says, unless Adobe keeps a copy in restricted access (private) folder..

    Other thing is you may have to restrict any apps from refreshig file from GD (cloud)..

    07-02-2014 10:37 PM
  8. zqz's Avatar
    If you used 'file manager' it should permanetly delete file, no matter what Adobe says
    File manager does not remove the list or access to Acrobat. Also, again, to repeat myself, this has nothing to do with using Cloud as I gave an example of opening PDF files from Outlook or USB connection even without wifi network connection.

    I posted 2 simple ways to do this, File Manager is not one of the solutions
    07-03-2014 07:43 AM
  9. Dale_M's Avatar
    IF Acrobat does not do what you want, get something else......IT does not matter where or how you access a file either by USB or wifi, the files are stored in a directory....IF file manager(s) can delete a file from a folder its gone, if ACROBAT can not clear its "list" then its a ACROBAT problem and nothing else.... You keep bringing Outlook or USB or wifi comments into discussion and it only confuses issue.... Just because its Adobe, does not mean its the only or the best, the end all solution......

    If its not working for you get rid of it and find something that works for you........ This why there is probably a dozen good apps out there and several may do what you want....

    Now.... IF you open Adobe Reader, and go to "Documents" list (not Recent) it should list all pdf files, if you long press file name, it will highlight, and bring up trash can in upper right portion of screen... You should be able to tap trash can icon and it should ask you to confirm delete of file...

    Another thing you might try....Bring up Settings, go to General, select Application manager (SD card)... Find Adobe reader, tap it, in new screen find "Clear data" and tap it ..BE CAREFUL HERE it will DELETE EVERYTHING. ... Back up files you wish to keep in different folder first....Then once Readers file list is cleared, import desired files back into reader...

    07-03-2014 11:11 AM
  10. zqz's Avatar
    No, Documents list does not list all files displayed when

    1. clicking on right side of tablet when reading current document
    2. clicking on top left side of tablet which takes you back to complete cache list

    File Manager has none of these documents shown since none have been downloaded

    Apparently someone is not reading all of the thread or reads only last message

    All good now, posted 2 working solutions using App Manager, Wipe, Erase, Delete, depending on your language version
    07-03-2014 12:09 PM

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