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    When I use my S Pen with any of the native Samsung apps on my tablet the same pen is very good, no lag whatsoever but if I try and use my S Pen in Gmail I get very very bad lag.. Strange enough tho when I am in Gmail I can get rid of the lag if I double tap the box where to write and the Samsung keyboard pops up, I then hold the settings wheel down and hit text entry when I use this method the pen does not lag at all but if I just hit that little pencil icon to compose the email that is when I get horrible lag. I have power saver turned off and not any widgets or apps open. It gets even way worse if I have YouTube open in a pen window. It lags also in other apps like in Chrome if I use the pen to enter the text. Not sure if this is normal but if anyone has a fix or suggestions I would appreciate it. Can someone check if this happens with yours. Thanks

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    07-20-2014 09:07 PM

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