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    Two days ago Sling.com launched Slingplayer compatibility with chromecast. If you have a Slingbox M1, Slingbox 500, or Slingbox 350 you can brodcast your cable tv, dvr, etc to a chromecast from the slingplayer app on an iPhone, iPad, iPod, and android Phone to a chromecast connected display (tv, monitor, or projector). Android tablets (like our 2014 GNote's) don't have this capability yet - althoough the slingbox site says that android tablet support is coming soon.

    If you go to the Google Play store and search slingplayer, two apps come up - Slingplayer for Phones, and Slingplayers for tablets. I have always used the Phone version for my DROID MAXX (which casts slingbox via chromecast beautifully) and the tablet version on my GNote.

    I just went to the play store to see if it would allow me to install the Slingplayer PHONE version on my TABLET - it did! I can now view my Slingbox 350 via the Slingplayer Phone version on my GNote 2014 edition tablet and I can cast it to my chromecast connected display. My display is an LG projector so I get a an ultra wide beautiful HD TV picture.

    And the bonus is this, unlike Miracast which mirrors your phone on the miracast connected disply, so that you can't multi-task on your device because whatever has the focus of your device's home screen is also displayed on the miracast connected display (in effect your tablet/phone becomes a dedicated TV serving device) - Chromecast works differently. The slingplayer software connects your chromecast directly to the slingbox. Once connected you can multitask on your tablet/phone without breaking or interrupting the slingbox connection. I'm typing this post via Tap-a-talk while my tablet is simultaneously brodcasting my slingbox to my chromecast device. And, because the chromecast is then connected directly to the HD Slingbox the picture is absolutely beautiful.

    This is a great workaround until Sling release the Android tablet version of the software.
    09-19-2014 02:33 PM

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