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    I might be looking at getting a Note 10.1 but am after some advice first.

    Firstly the 10.1 is the limit of my budget for an Android so any higher spec tablets with that OS aren't really an option.

    The only tablet I've had before was an iPad Air which I may still end up getting instead but I was put off by the lack of expandable memory and if I'm not convinced enough by the 10.1 I'll probably go back to one of those.

    When I had the iPad I noticed some iPhone apps aren't available for it, is that the same with some Android phone and tablet apps? I know with iOS you can get iPhone version apps working on the iPad, they just look expanded and over-film the screen slightly but still function well. And in case this is the only option to get around such a problem, I'm not really interested in rooting etc.

    Also can you get iCloud push email on the Note via the built-in clients and without needing to download certain apps etc? I used to have a Galaxy S4 and you could get iCloud email in intervals unless I installed some app which I'd rather avoid.

    Also are there any general 10.1 commonly reported problems?

    Cheers all.
    08-19-2016 12:50 AM
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    I have both the 10.1 and 12.2 note pro's and never regretted owning them. My wife and I use them every day and have never had a problem. Of course they are getting a bit long in the tooth. Do not expect to see an Android OS beyond 5.1 for them. If you don't need a pen for your tablet then a Samsung Tab may be what you want. The "Notes" have the electronic pen feature, which for me is necessary.

    All apps for android phones will work with the tablets, with the exception of apps that are geared to only work with a carrier, and the tablet you get is wifi only. And as you mentioned some apps don't take advantage of the extra real estate of a tablet.

    As for getting emails off of your iCloud account, this is not a problem because iCloud supports IMAP/SMTP email protocols. While there are apps available to sync with your iCloud account you can also use the built-in email client if you like.

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    08-20-2016 07:27 PM
  3. ADRz's Avatar
    I have had no problems. The only issue is that you would eventually have to change the battery and Samsung will not do this for you. You will need to get 3rd party solutions. I changed the battery after 2 years; the new battery works well, but the whole thing was not inexpensive. Otherwise, the tablet is very stable. The S-pen software has not been updated to the latest version but it is quite capable. The Lollipop version is solid, and the tablet, despite its age, is quite speedy (which continues to amaze me). All in all, a great investment.
    08-28-2016 02:22 PM

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