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    So, here is this very weird problem.

    I decided to buy a new 128 GB SD Card for my old rooted Galaxy Note 10.1 2014 Edition.

    Before it arrived by the snail mail, I stuffed the tablet to the brim with apps, counting on my future huge available space.

    I use the Link2SD app to run my apps from the external card, so that I can put really really many things there.

    My old 64 GB card was a slow, Class 10 one, and the new was to be an EVO Plus Class U3, ten times faster.

    After a while, as far as I kept installing new apps, the tablet started freezing, crashing and rebooting.

    "That's expected" I thought... "Too many apps running, and all of them out of the slow bottle-necking card. The new Class U3 card will solve it."

    But things got worse and worse, rendering the device unusable. I factory-resetted it, rooted it again etc. and nothing seemed to solve the problem (I was impatient, not wanting to wait for the new card).

    Then, in one of these operations, the tablet - providentially, I'd say - fell off the table to the ground, a 90 cm / 3 feet fall. It got the customary black spot on the screen and it went full dead black some 10 minutes later.

    "No problem", said I, "Let's just open it and re-seat the screen contacts, as I've done before".

    Here is when the miracle happened.

    After taking off the back cover and re-seating the contacts, I observed that, while I tested it, it stopped crashing.

    Could the culprit be the overheating, instead of the slow card?

    Those who have home-made PCs are used to the need to apply new thermal paste after so long to prevent overheating and random Windows rebooting. But, I thought, my PC is housed in a big case with lots of holes and fans. None of these exist inside the extremely crammed space of a tablet, of course. It must be designed to work in this condition. So, how is it that the mere taking off of the back cover can make such a difference?

    (In fact, I sense that it runs extremely hot when I put it on my lap. I almost burn myself only by touching one of the several metal covers on the top part of it inside.)

    Then the new card arrived, all transfers and installations done etc. and all well, until I tried to put back the cover and - Bingo! - the crashes came back again, new fast SD card and all...

    So, this is my situation now: I have a perfectly well functioning, blazing fast, packed full tablet now, as long as it stays "uncovered".

    What can I do?

    I cannot simply let it be this way, unprotected and ugly. It is all too easy to accidentally popping the SD card out (and crashing everything - the running apps are there, remember), and the power / volume buttons are a pain in the a** to click, especially to get into download or recovery modes.

    Did anyone else suffer from this problem? Any lights? I even thought of putting some tin foil there before closing it to spread out the heat, but there are lots of unprotected contacts all around the place that guarantee a shot-circuit in less than 30 seconds...

    Here are some pictures for your delight.

    1. The open machine

    How do I solve this weird crashing problem?-20180109_135915.jpg

    2. The new card sticking out, waiting for a careless finger movement to pop out...

    How do I solve this weird crashing problem?-20180109_135938.jpg

    3. The device "lightly seated" on the case.

    How do I solve this weird crashing problem?-20180109_141404.jpg

    (Sorry, the uploading process seems to lose the way up...)

    This last one is the most interesting: if I only lightly seat the tablet "body" on the case, without fully "clicking" it in, all works well... Perhaps some air is able to pass below?

    01-09-2018 10:47 AM

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