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Old, old (but surprising!) tablet, Note 10.1 - charging

Asked: Aug 20 2019 | 9:08 am EDT 1780 Views 6 Answers

I recently bought, second hand but in pristine condition, a Note 10.1, more out of curiosity than anything. Obviously very cheap, but it hadn't even been properly unwrapped, never set up - it still had its plastic protection films on it.

It will only run Android 4 and many modern apps won't download onto it, but what it can do it does well, except that charging/battery life is a problem.

The battery runs down incredibly quickly and it takes a full day to charge, even if I turn it right off while charging - takes far, far longer if it's turned on.

Of course it has its original battery but I was wondering whether anybody knew is there a different battery I can get that would charge quicker and last longer.

I've watched YouTube videos about how to change batteries but there isn't much point if it's going to be the same story with a different one.

I bought it a different charging/data cable that claimed to provide fast charging, but that makes no difference at all.

I'm surprised to find that SPen technology and writing to text are that old, currently being advertised as an innovation on the latest Note. Also amazed that it can decipher my scribble so well!

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Aug 20 2019 | 3:27 pm EDT Rukbat

The batteries were all made around the same time the tablet was, so even if you find a "new" battery, it's going to have the same problem - it's been sitting on the shelf for about 7 years, self-discharging to the point that it's not much better than the one you have. (And finding anyone who builds new batteries out of new cells is almost impossible these days, it's not 1970 any more.)

Charge it fully, use it down to 50%, then charge it fully again. Go through 4 or 5 cycles of that and see if that doesn't bring it back to some kind of life. (If not, and you're familiar with working inside tablets, you might be able to find a 7000mAh battery from a new tablet that will fit in the space the old tablet has for a battery.) But this is not a DIY project. If you've never worked inside tablets before, please don't. You'll end up with something you'll just throw in the trash.
Aug 21 2019 | 5:10 am EDT RosLamb

Further to this thread

and thank you @Rukbat for your answer, that was helpful and confirmed my suspicions.

I dug out my equally old Tab 2 tablet yesterday and out of interest set it to charge. It took only a couple of hours to full charge from completely empty.

Do they take the same battery and if so how easy would it be to swap them over?

It isn't something I have done before so I am hesitant but I have a cousin who maintains laptos and desktops as part of his IT job and I daresay he would be happy to take this on if it's a viable proposition.

I couldn't respond to Rukbat's answer to my question so this is my only way of being able to say thanks and ask for more information.
Aug 21 2019 | 3:42 pm EDT Rukbat

No, not the same one at all.
Aug 23 2019 | 5:59 pm EDT Tigrisan

My battery lasts several hours and only takes a couple hours to charge. Same exact tablet. I use a fast charger for it. While it's 'old' until the Tab 6, it still had the best specs but would no longer get any updates unfortunately. I just can't justify replacing it though when it works perfectly well and really has been a pretty awesome tablet overall. Try charging to full and letting the battery run out completely a couple times. I've found when I've done that on something problematic, the battery starts to behave better and charge faster.