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    Hi. Could anyone else confirm these? I am pretty dissapointed overall for a premium price tablet which I hoped to use to increase productivity at work.

    When using the Samsung app for emails, it shows a number on the email icon with unread message count. If you use Outlook at work and delete emails from Exchange, the email number never goes down. Same goes for Gmail. If the tablet picks up an email, it shows number 1, but if you log into Webmail and delete it there you can come back hours later and the lock screen still shows 1 email unread. This is a nightmare with Gmail and work Exchagne synching as it is never correct during the day!

    I had the tablet synching work email and gmail. I have unticked the box for work Exchagne and just left calendar on. I click the refresh button and it says "Email sync is disabled" BUT the email still comes in from work! I have turned the tablet off and on again and email still comes in. I was hoping to turn work email off sometimes (same as I have always done with my iPhone 4) but despite being unticked it still picks up email

    Screen text loses clarity and icons have a lower quality look sometimes. I have narrowed this down to the video player. Try this - Open a video in video player. Click home to minimise the player. Now move the tablet to portrait and back to landscape. You will notice text appears less clear as if antialiasing has stopped working on websites, icons, etc. Now hit task manager and end the video player and immediately the text appears normal again?!

    In the video player, select to play the video outside the player as a small window. Now click on the video to re-open the video in the main video player. How do you get back to the video index list?! The back button no longer works as it just takes you to the home screen instead of the video list like it should. You have to close the video app out of task manager and re-launch it fresh to get to the index page again.

    When watching videos in the mini window mode, it doesnt update the progress bar on the index page so when you view all your videos, some show as half finished even if you finished them. It is as if the mini window mode is a completely different video player? This is annoying when you have lots of videos and can't always remember which episode you were up to or want to leave a video at a certain point and refer back to it later. WHen you launch the video application later on, the progress bars don't relate to where you left the video whilst in mini mode.

    No email list or appointment list on the lock screen?l Probably more of an android features so not a bug but would be useful for productivity not having to unlock it each time (aka iOS notification style)
    09-02-2012 10:16 PM
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    Not that this solves any of your problems but my 10.1 note isn't experiencing any of these hiccups. I had an issue where the keyboard would be open when I returned to the home screen but the update last week fixed that issue. Hope you get your 10.1 working correctly because it is amazing when running on full cylinders.
    09-03-2012 03:58 PM
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    We have 4 of these tablets and are not having any issues. We don't use the standard mail client we use the Gmail App. (Google Apps Accounts).

    Loving the productivity that comes with s-note etc.
    09-03-2012 05:36 PM
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    OK concentrating on just the email application problem (Samsung email app as that is the only one that supports split screen unless I am missing how to get 3rd party apps split screen)...

    Can you sync to an Exchange server, then untick sync email and see if email still syncs? That is the most annoying problem I have as I only want the calendar to sync so that is the only thing that is ticked, but the email still comes in when someone emails me. Manually hitting the refresh button says "Email sync is disabled".

    I do like how the pen works but really need the calendar/email functionality to work split screen and for email to only sync when I want it to (needs to stay push for calendar appointments)
    09-03-2012 11:50 PM
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    Right, here is something strange.

    1. If work email is on Exchange 2010 (backend server) and the sync email box is unticked then email keeps coming in

    2. If work email sits on an Exchange 2007 or earlier server and the sync email box is unticked then email does not sync to the device and only calendar does as expected

    3. If email is set to use Activesync with Gmail then unticking the box also does as expected and email does not flow to the device

    This appears to be a bug with Samsung Email app and Exchange 2010 SP1?
    09-04-2012 12:40 AM
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    Yes I have had the same problems it's going back tomorrow and getting a iPad instead.
    01-02-2013 06:15 PM
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    If you remove auto sync and then you refresh you will get emails in your inbox.
    You are telling the app to pull down emails manually.
    So I dont get wat you expect to happen.
    Once you add an email address to the app you will get emails,
    If you want a app to do more than that you best pay for one, gmail and email are both free apps on a basic level this is so that other out there have the chance to improve and show what can be done.
    If you want outlook on your android unit you best check Microsoft and see what there have made or is going to make and buy that.
    It seem that you have a problem with all the free apps and is a apple fan, you can do one of two things buy the apple at a much higher price si you get the better screen display and stick with a set memory size but loose speed and the option to buy micro sd memory to up 64gb or 128gb when it comes out.
    Or try going thru the play store try out all the apps that are close to the ones that you problems with either the free ones or the ones that cost and see if that will fix wat you say is wrong.

    I notice you are a network engineer chatting about exchange server, do you remember the problem exchange and outlook used to have?
    Also how much does each cost compared to the app in you tablet??

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    01-21-2013 08:51 AM
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    You have something wrong and it sounds as if it's in your server rather than on the Note. We use Exchange at work and I have my mail synced. If I delete a mail on my desktop at work, it does not show on my Note. The only time I get an unread mail message on the Note is if I indeed have an unread mail. In fact, Exchange syncs properly on all 4 of my devices: phone (Samsung), laptop, desktop, and Note. And I don't see the big deal on where notifications are shown as they are on the iPad or the Note. Who care?
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    01-21-2013 04:51 PM