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    Hi all,
    My samsung note 10.1 (called samsung note 800 in India) works fine at most wi-fi hotspots except at my home!
    I have a P-660R-T1 Zyxel device with Beetel 450BXI adsl2 router for wireless. This system works fine for laptop wi-fi access.
    My note connects to the wi-fi network, even gets an IP address (which i can also see in the IP pool through But I cannot access internet. Anyone else has similar issues?

    Wi-fi analyzer app detects that signal strength is good. SSID is not hidden. Sleep policy is never go to sleep. Multicast on router is enabled and set to IGMP3. Router uses WEP security (I know its bad, but can't change it )
    What can I do?
    09-12-2012 02:35 PM

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