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    Well, I just received this today from Amazon: Amazon.com: KHOMO Black Grid Texturized Rubber Case with Bluetooth Keyboard for Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 N8000 N8013: Computers & Accessories
    The Good News is it was a nice Keyboard Case. I loved the case itself, and the Keyboard had Hard keys, not silicone keys like most on Amazon. I never typed on Silicone keys and reviews weren't favorable on that style of keyboard, so wanted one with hard keys like on a laptop. First before listing the Pros and Cons, just in case anyone is looking into the case. I just want to say the Company that sells it on Amazon was Great! I had some questions I emailed them and they sent pictures and answered most of my questions promptly and really was a big reason I ordered the case. That means a lot to me when dealing with a Company, if they are willing to take the time to work with you.
    I am returning the keyboard case, just has a few flaws that made it too hard to keep.
    First the Pros:
    1. Charged it right when I got it, with usb charger that came with it, using the Wall charger from the tablet to an extension cord. It said to charge 3-4 hours and did 3 hours. Worked right away.
    2. Connected to Bluetooth right away, so no problem there.
    3. Keys are Hard keys like on a laptop, which is what i was looking for. Very Responsive when I typed. This is My first BT Keyboard Case I tried and from a lot of bad reviews on silicone keys on keyboards, stayed away from those.
    4. Case looked nice, had a magnetic closure strap that also doubles as the prop to hold up the tablet. Was sturdy on my desk, didn't fall.
    5. Great Customer Service with this Company on Amazon and worked with me, really led me to try the tablet. Also some of the keyboards (silicone ones), didn't have a shift key on the right, this one does. Not to mention the apostrophe/quotes key on those silicone ones is moved to bottom row, this one is in normal place. Another factor in my decision to get it.
    Now the Cons:
    1. This the big dealbreaker for me: Keyboard is Way too small for my hands. I'm not a big guy and don't have big hands. The keys are right next to each other with no space between them. I tried to type for 5 minutes or so and my hands actually started to hurt from trying to type on the small keyboard. The keys are so close together and small (hard to tell from the pics they sent me, to get a size to compare to), that I would hit the wrong keys alot. Now I tried a couple more time and I couldn't type for a long period because my hands would start hurting. Too many errors due to keys being too close to each other.
    2. The case fits the Note, but not snuggly like my Moko Slimfit Folio Case which I got from Amazon. My Folio case, you put the table in from the bottom and put the flap behind it to hold it. Mine has velcro which keeps my note tight in place. This one goes in same way and has a flap, but no velcro to keep it in snug. so when using the keyboard case and need to use power button on top for some reason, the controls are too far down in the case. Now it does have shortcut Android keys to do these things on the keyboard, just didn't like how it sunk in the case.
    3. It has all the cutouts for the S-pen, Charging port, and all the ones on top also. To charge the case has to be open. I couldn't as much as I tried, get the S-Pen out. There was a space/cutout for it, but couldn't get my finger into the opening to get it out. Some could argue, you don't need the S-Pen when using the keyboard case as one would be typing with it. So that's up for debate.
    I do have a Logitech BT Keyboard with a case of it's own I bought when I first got my Galaxy Note tablet, it works fine and is bigger than the one on this case. I can type on that no problem and has spacing between the keys. So it works for me, just wanted a Case that I can keep my Note and Keyboard in the same case. The Only other thing Out there I see that looks halfway decent is the Kensington Keyfolio Pro 2 Universal BT Keyboard case for 10" tablets. Not sure I like the way it holds the tablet, but seems to have a bigger hard key keyboard. May still just wait for Samsung to get it's keyboard dock out for it. Yet that still really isn't a keyboard case, more a charging dock you can type with. Just for comparison on the size of the Khomo Keyboard in the above case I am returning. The length of the whole keyboard is only a bit over 9", whereas my Logitech Keyboard is just over 11". So definitely easier to type on.
    I just wanted to put this out there for anyone who is looking for a BT Keyboard Case for the Note 10.1 and was thinking of getting this one. If you have small hands, it may work for you. I would give the case a 3 out of 5 stars, just because the Case itself is nice, plus the hard keys, easy to connect, but the size of the keyboard and the way it fits the Note were dealbreakers for me. Come on Samsung get some more accessories out there, and also the 3rd party companies!
    11-28-2012 12:17 AM

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