1. JoopK's Avatar
    Wondering about the following: when, after using the standard browser on the Note 10.1, I close all internet windows by clicking on the 'x' . Indeed, everything closes except for the last window. Thus, the browser remains active. The only way for me to exit is by clicking on the home button. I find this strange. Is this how it should go?
    Can't find anything in the settings to change this. I did revert the settings to default to see if that would work, but to no effect.
    Thanks in advance for your feedback.
    12-02-2012 11:08 AM
  2. J HighNote's Avatar
    That's how mine works too. You can do a long hold on the home button to get the task manager and close it there.
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    12-02-2012 01:24 PM
  3. bluzman's Avatar
    ^+1 That's how it is for me as well. Odd because on two other devices with ICS 4.0.4 (Galaxy Tab 7.0 Plus and Toshiba THRiVE 10.1) the stock browser closes when you click "x" on the tab.
    12-04-2012 11:35 AM

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