12-31-2013 10:24 AM
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  1. J HighNote's Avatar
    Yeah, tried that one too. Mine wasn't listed and didn't work with it. I have google cloud print which works fine and now Printershare which also works, both just have to have the PC on. The thing is on Printershare, I looked at the printers that it lists as supported with the app and it doesn't show any of the new printers I'm looking at online. A lot of them must be old or older printers.
    Andy, when I first needed to print with my Note phone, I got the canon printer and had to pick the model for a driver and it wasn't listed. I vaguely remember having a hassle but felt that the hassle of packing up the printer, taking it back and starting over would be worse than finding a driver. I ended up going to either the Canon or Print Share website and something made me chose to pick a similar model number. It worked fine. I had a much better experience with the Note 10.1 It found the right driver on it's own.
    Just whatever printer you get, don't believe it when it says wireless android compatible. I wish I'd looked up more about the printer before I bought it. Another choice might have been hassle free.
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    12-14-2012 05:26 PM
  2. Andy847's Avatar
    I've actually never seen android compatible on the printers I'm looking at, they are just wireless all in one Brother laser printers. Some say they work with AirPrint (IOS), Cortado, and the Brother Iprint and Scan app, but never seen anything saying for the Printershare app. I think maybe one of the printers I saw on Amazon said Android Compatible. Can't remember which one. I almost went out and bought one tonight, would have been a total impulse buy. Don't need to get something I don't really need right now, since all I have to do is leave my PC on, which is on almost all the time anyways. lol. When my printer starts having problems, I'll invest in something new, shiny, and wireless! Right now, only out $13 bucks, but like the user interface of Printershare and can at least Print GMail emails if I have to. So I'm good for now, if I do get ancy and get a new printer, want to do more research on some of the ones listed in the app and then see what I may need at the minimum. I learned my lesson with the expense of Inkjet printers and definitely want a laser printer, but maybe I should just invest in a cheap wireless inkjet to print from my GN. They are smaller, but hate that if you don't use them the cartridges dry up and costs so much for the ink cartridges. Laser is cheaper in the long run.
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    12-14-2012 10:27 PM
  3. adidas226's Avatar
    Barskin, how did you get you note to print with ibrothers app? Mine keeps saying it's not on network but my xoom prints fine with it. Thanks
    01-13-2013 05:41 PM
  4. StuartV's Avatar
    Andy, search the Google Play store for the printer app. I searched play to find the Epson Print app that works with my printer.

    Doesn't matter if the printer box says it's Android compatible if there's no app in the Play Store for it. And if there IS an app in the Play Store for it, it doesn't matter what the printer box says.
    01-14-2013 05:20 PM
  5. brianfarley's Avatar
    HELP! I want to print from my Note 10.1 using cloud print. I registered my Kyocera (classic) network printer in my Chrome account on my desktop, which I'm logged into. When I try to print a document using the installed Polaris Office my Note doesn't see any printers. What is going wrong?
    12-31-2013 10:24 AM
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