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    I've had an s3 for about 3 months after switching from an iPhone. I've also got the Samsung note 10.1. With iPhone and iPad it is possible that If I'm out with my iPhone and take picture/video/recording it is instantly transferred to my iPad. Is this possible with s3 and note? All help appreciated
    12-25-2012 05:17 PM
  2. ChuckeeDroid's Avatar
    The easiest way is with Google+ Instant Upload. I'm assuming this is a 3G/LTE version of the Note.

    There are all kinds of ways to send stuff between the two.

    You can also send files over Wifi direct or bluetooth.

    I came from the iPhone as well. Android is much more flexible in my opinion.

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    12-25-2012 05:25 PM
  3. G3TCASHM0N3Y's Avatar
    I use Dropbox instant upload. Works perfectly. I have all pictures synced between both my phone and my wife's.

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    12-25-2012 11:12 PM
  4. jwelch001's Avatar
    How about with music and other files?? I have used doubletwist in the past but dont want to have to rely on a pc to be the "host" or sync source.

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    12-26-2012 04:36 AM
  5. G3TCASHM0N3Y's Avatar
    Use Google Play music. It's an incredible service, and free. Keeps all your music in iTunes synced in the cloud.

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    12-26-2012 09:39 AM
  6. Astron206's Avatar
    Dropbox is amazing for what you are describing. Backs up you files too so they're on your pc's Dropbox too if you want that.

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    12-26-2012 03:05 PM

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