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    I am having a problem connecting with the wifi at work, because in order to connect to it, it should automatically bring up a page on your browser where you have to click "accept." It worked when I got it for Christmas, but somehow now the first page that comes up when I open my browser is "about:blank"-- blank page, meaning I can't connect to wifi. SOMETIMES if I open a second tab that acceptance page will come up and I can connect- about 25% of the time.

    I went into the settings and tried all the variations to select for the homepage- (default, blank page, etc.) Eventually left it on "default."

    After downloading a bunch of apps to try, I did go through and delete a ton of apps, so wondering if I deleted something important.

    Thanks for any help. I would rather not set it back to factory settings since I have everything else the way I want it.
    01-19-2013 06:24 AM
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    Put any Web address in your address bar and try to log on to any Web page and maybe that page you're looking for to connect to your work wifi network will load and ask for the necessary info for you to connect. Some networks require you to try and access the Internet so their page can load and you can enter the info to connect. Good luck and hope it works.

    My GS3 sleeps in the bed and I make my girlfriend sleep on the couch
    01-19-2013 06:54 AM

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