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    I've looked for a possible answer for my problem so my apologies if it exists somewhere and I didn't see it.

    I have a pop3 email account on my hp laptop. I use MS Outlook. I set up the pop3 email account on my Samsung S3 and all is working fine between the two devices.

    Just recently I bought the galaxy note 10.1 and when I try to set up my pop3 account, i get an error message that says "incorrect username or password". I've double and triple checked that I have the correct username and password.

    Then I tried setting up the account on my tablet as an imap account and it worked! However after I set up the account as an impap account, i can no longer receive emails on my hp laptop. I get a send/receive error that says "account is in use" and it can't retrieve new emails. I can send emails from my hp laptop just fine though.

    So, i set up a new inbox in outlook on my home laptop as an imap account. I, again, re-created the account on my tablet as an imap account. I am still getting the same error on my hp laptop after i created the imap account on my tablet. (Oh, and in the process, I lost my entire inbox on my hp laptop and have no clue what is what - but this is another issue i have to deal with - can't believe I did that! I press buttons first and ask questions later - bad methodology, I know.

    My tablet is still on android 4.0.4

    I'm an old telus customer, so my email is still "telusplanet" and not "telus"

    My emails settings on my hp laptop and my S3 are/were:
    incoming: pop.telusplanet.net ; port 110
    outgoing: smtp.telusplanet.net ; port 25

    When I changed to imap, the settings are:
    incoming: imap.telusplanet.net ; port 143
    outgoing: smtp.telusplanet.net ; port 25

    What is weirder still, is that I can access my outlook email from my mac laptop and the email account on that device is configured as a pop3. Can someone help me figure out what's going on? I'm very confused.

    thank you in advance.

    01-26-2013 04:52 PM
  2. belfast59's Avatar
    You need to download an app to get Outlook. I use Maildroid and found it easy to set up & use
    01-28-2013 01:57 PM
  3. GoodIntents's Avatar
    Hi belfast59. Thanks for recommending Maildroid.

    I downloaded it a couple days ago and have been trying it out. It's as you said, easy to use and I like it better than the stock email app. Unfortunately, after I delete email from both my device and the server, the emails still show up on the server. This is a bit annoying but no where near the situation I was in before. At least now I'm seeing my emails on all my devices.

    Thanks again for your help. Its much appreciated.

    01-30-2013 12:39 AM

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