1. SophyQ's Avatar
    Hi, everyone. I just bought the Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 and I am learning to use it. I'm not tech sauvy, I get by with basic knowledge.

    Do I need a virus protection program?
    02-06-2013 09:48 AM
  2. nrm5110's Avatar
    No just use common sense only download from trusted sources, read comments about the app, look at ratings, things like that.

    Sent from my SAMSUNG-SGH-I727 using Tapatalk 2
    02-06-2013 10:14 AM
  3. Srjacobs1's Avatar
    I use to use Norton for about 2 months. I don't think I need one,So I stopped ' but that is a choice you have to make,
    02-06-2013 06:13 PM
  4. ilgal's Avatar
    I do not have any anti-virus either.

    As for learning how to use it, start by browsing this forum. You will also find some great videos on YouTube that showcase features. When you search YouTube, be sure to search for the Note 10.1 so you don't end up with videos about the Note phone. There is a tutorial about S Note built into S Note as well.
    02-06-2013 08:36 PM

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