1. glitchgod's Avatar
    So their was an app i used for about a year now for what ever reason it has caused my tablet and phone to freeze at boot and cause a loop.
    PHONE S3 ATT- 4.1.1
    2 questions....
    1) would having a legit version of the samsung 4.1.2 and tell teh tablet to install that fromt the recovery would that fix it?

    2) since i get in to odin!!! can i put a Rom on it and get that to work.
    If so please link a video and everything i need to do it
    07-03-2013 05:36 PM
  2. glitchgod's Avatar
    Come one everyone, someone must know some how to get to it.
    I cant loss the data! and kies is trash as we all know so thus no kies option (says i need admin to install I AM ADMIN AND I PROGRAM SO OTHERS NEED ADMIN KIES IS STUPID)
    And samsung being samsung wouldnt allow some things to move.
    Emails, passwords, past files and even a text app that has some stuff on it...
    Someone must know a backdoor something
    07-03-2013 06:05 PM

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