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    My 16GB Note had been displaying the 'Storage space running out' message off and on, so I moved as much user data (pics, videos etc.) as I could off the tablet and uninstalled a number of apps. After finishing this the storage displayed it was just over half full. Several hours later I went back to the tablet, no rebooting or shutting off in the meantime, and the 'Storage space...' message was displaying again, and it tells me I have 317MB available. There is not enough room to replace the apps or files I had deleted!

    The category with the largest amount in storage is 'Miscellaneous', with 7.31GB, in particular cloudagent with 6.58GB. As I have Dropbox installed on here, I am thinking it must be storing data locally? I can't see why the storage would have increased so drastically overnight, however.

    I am running the stock OS, Android version 4.1.2, model GT-N8010


    Okay, so I think I discovered the problem in my case.

    I had recently bought a Samsung Blu-ray player and linked it with my tablet using the Samsung Link (formerly Allshare Play) software. In the software, there is an option to link cloud storage services such as Dropbox, which I did. I displayed some photographs from Dropbox on my player, then disconnected.

    When I realised the cloudagent folder was the one holding the most data on sdcard0, I went through the options. At first I thought it was Dropbox synching with my Note via the Cloud function, so I disabled the option to sync pictures and video with the Note, and cleared Dropbox's cache, but there was less than 10MB stored there to begin with. So I went looking again and realised it was Dropbox's connection to Samsung Link which was the problem, as it had evidently downloaded nearly 7GB of my photographs to the internal memory. So I unlinked Dropbox from Samsung Link (why it would need to download files from a cloud service in order to display them on a remote machine is beyond me), and deleted the Samsung Link folder from sdcard0. Voila, my Note now tells me I have 6.76GB available and it has sped up considerably. Sigh.
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    07-12-2013 10:05 PM
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    Best option is to buy a sdcard 32 or 64gb then move all personal files there, do this for more than 1 reason.
    If u have a problem were u need to wipe u note all files you put on will be there.
    Keep your internal storage from running out off space.
    Keep an eye out for things like games etc that only store to internal memory

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    07-16-2013 01:05 PM
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    So I was told that I needed to buy a 64 gig sd card and put all my apps on it. But even best buy Samsung specialist could not figure out how to do that . I factory reset and added my bank apps on it and there is no where to move them to sd card how do I do that? Samsung tech support says you can't. Don't make me bring it back and go apple I hate apple. HELP!!!!
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    07-19-2013 01:24 PM
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    You can't move apps to the card with the current release.

    Samsung just restored that ability on S4 phones with the latest update, so hopefully its coming on the Note.

    But really it is data files you should put on card. Open MyFiles, go into Settings and change the default paths to point to the card. Change the home, then select Show Categories to change the others.

    Doesn't work for everything, but will help.

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    07-20-2013 08:15 AM
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    Hi there,

    i have had a very similar problem and was wondering how to unlink drop box etc or at least see if it is linked. i reset my tablet two weeks ago, installed two apps and that's it and it already has a full internal storage. this has been the only post i have found that gives me any glimmer of hope.


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    12-21-2013 02:12 AM
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    I have faced some internal memory oddies... Space left amount is shown inccorrectly, and once it was showing the warning message that I have only 1.48gigs left after all app-downloads. Not sure if that was related to a playstore bug. Nowadays it is showing space left amount wrong.

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    12-22-2013 04:34 AM
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    I had a similar problem.
    A message kept coming up, "not enough storage space..."
    I had 3.4 GB of videos stored and was unable to open my "Gallery". Also, I was unable use my camera and was unable to delete the unwanted videos that were gunking up my tablet.
    Samsung support directed me to do the following.
    - Press to open the "Apps" icon on the home page
    - Press to open "My Files"
    - Press to open "sdcard0"
    - Press to open "DCIM"
    - Press to open "Camera"
    At this point all our photos and videos will be listed.
    - Check the box beside the videos you want to delete.
    - Press the " trash can" icon at the top of the screen
    - And - Poof- those videos are gone
    If you delete enough videos and open up enough space your camera and "Gallery" should be operational again
    10-30-2014 08:04 PM

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