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    The other day I attempted to get into a meeting set up by someone else through WebEx. No problems logging in, getting the video going, etc. But I could not get the microphone to work. Everytime I tried it a message popped up to use a headset. Of course the only one I had did not have a microphone. So I have a couple questions. 1- does anyone know why the mic could not be used in WebEx? If there is a way to get it working what is it? 2- Guy at Office Depot told me they don't carry anything for this tablet in the way of a mic and he didn't think one existed. Hm, is he correct? If not correct does anyone know of a good headset with a mic? 3- Would a bluetooth thingy (yes, my mind blanked on what they are called) work in this situation?

    thanks for any and all help...
    09-10-2013 10:45 PM

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