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    Hi all,

    Ok so I have been having these problems for a long time and it's even possible I have asked these questions before on here but I have finally had enough so I figured let me consult the brain-trust here and get the experts opinions and solutions.

    I have consistently had problems with my web-browsing experience on my Note 10.1. I have installed Chrome, the default Android/Samsung Internet app, and also FireFox. Despite my 10 years of FireFox use on my own computers/laptops, a year or 1.5 years ago I started using Chrome consistently on laptop and almost exclusively on the Note 10.1 I use the default Internet app somewhat and especially when I need Flash and I almost never use FireFox on the Note (I hate the interface of it to be honest).

    It started with CNN.com , I consistently am having problems with accessing either cnn.com as a whole or quite often almost daily have an issue loading a news article 'page'. It gives me a blank white page with a line or two of text at the top telling me it can't access the page. The tab says "Error: 500" the page says "Got the error: Server Error" and then "while trying to obtain : [fill inn the cnn articles webpage" "no response". This has been happening forever, since I got the tablet in March or April. People have always said when you have website-browsing or browser issues, "Clear the Cache". If that doesn't work, "Clear everything" Which brings me to another problem. It USUALLY doesn't fix the problem if I clear the cache or clear everything but it has in fact worked on occassion. BUT THIS Happens- as soon as I clear something on my Note 10.1 in Chrome (Be it the Cache, cookies, browser fill in data, etc.) it clears everything in my Chrome on my laptop! I have no idea why and I thought whatever could be causing this I disabled. One time I actually believe I asked about this and tried to disable it but it doesn't. If I clear something on my Chrome for Note 10.1 it clears everything on my Laptop Chrome (even if and when the laptop is powered off. I load it back up, all cleared).

    Ok one last major problem. I cannot for the life of me log in to Espn.com ... .I have an ESPN The Magazine subscription which includes ESPN Insider internet access. In case you don't know, ESPN has basically made everything on their site require the paid Insider subscription. It's $40 a year minimum. *** BUT *** if you buy an ESPN The Magazine subscription, at any cost, you get Insider for free. So I found a $3.95 yearly The Mag subscription online and get the Insider subscription for free. BUT When I access the website on the Note 10.1, it never works. It either does not even display the "Log In" link in the top right corner, or if you go to another area of the website (Like Members Services) and login , it does not actually login. On Chrome it just starts a redirecting loop of reloading and blank screen reloading blank screen. In Internet app it doesnt do anything, on Firefox it brings up a screen saying "Firefox has detected that the server is redirecting the request for this address in a way that will never complete" .... it's like they are refusing to let me log in somehow. I can log in on my computer or Dad's computer or another persons computer just fine. And to the best of my knowledge it is NOT like ESPN has blocked tablet access or something. Anyone have an idea?

    Ok sorry for the doctoral dissertation here but thank you as always for the help if you can.
    09-13-2013 01:16 PM
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    Not a solution but rather an alternative to Chrome that supports Flash.

    09-13-2013 01:55 PM
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    I have not encountered the issue you are having. I use Chrome on both my desktop as well as my Note 10.1, and I do visit cnn.com. Are you using wi-fi, and if so have you tried it on other networks? The most common issue is that your router is not configured correctly. It may work with most devices without any setup but have issues with others if not configured correctly. Using another browser will also help you determine if the issue is with Chrome or you wi-fi connection.

    As to the other issue of Chrome clearing out your bookmarks on your laptop, it is because you have selected within Chrome to sync on both devices. Mine is synced so that any bookmarks or searches on one show up on the other. If you go into Chrome's settings on your Note. It's under "other devices". It should show you a list of synced devices. If you long press on the device it will give you the selection to remove it.

    I do not familiar with the ESPN website, but you might try to have Chrome load the desktop version instead of the default mobile version. When you are on the ESPN page go to the settings in Chrome. There should be a selection to "request desktop".

    Hope that helps. If not I would try to just uninstall and reinstall Chrome on the tablet. Also CNN has their own app which may work for at least that website. If you updated the Android Version on your tablet sometimes that screws up other apps. The only way to fix it is to restore the tablet to factory settings and reinstall all your apps. I had to do that on mine after the Jellybean update with multi-window.
    09-13-2013 06:29 PM

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