1. tangojava's Avatar
    I used Galaxy note 10.1 for a while.
    It was a wonderful experience to use Snote, watch youtube, read some books and get daily information like weather.
    I had been annoyed by system bar at the bottom with writing Snote so I rooted and changed configuration file.
    It didn't boot any more and I spent on a week for getting the file back but in vain.

    I called Samsung service center and told what I did. They told me it could be fixed free because it's still in warranty.
    I sent it 2 weeks ago and today I got a phone from the service center. They said I have to pay $150 to fix it.

    They said that they have to change the main board.

    I asked them to return it without repair.

    Do you, guys happen to know how I can run the GN 10.1?
    09-17-2013 02:07 PM

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