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    I'm sure some of you had received your firmware update at some point today... or recently. Kind of mixed feelings, because other family members have Galaxy tabs that already received 4.2 for almost a month now... yet here I am with a Note 10.1 and I can't find any word on it anywhere on the interwebs.

    Anyway, what "bugs" did this update fix? All I can tell visually that seems different is S-Note recognition when removed while keyboard activated on an app. I found this out opening Twitter to tweet something and a condensed S-Note handwriting window showed up rather than the keyboard. Pretty cool idea, because I love using the S-Pen for nearly anything and everything possible, but I've also found it difficult or time consuming to type on the rather largely awkward keyboard. Not with the S-Pen and handwriting... lightyears better and seems very responsive with the larger screen.

    I actually got an inexpensive bluetooth keyboard that works pretty well. Unlike my Motorola Droid Bionic, the Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1's bluetooth rarely loses it's sync. I can 99.9% of the time turn on my keyboard or Jambox speaker and nearly instant connectivity every time.
    10-05-2013 07:02 PM