1. neuronium's Avatar
    Hi people,
    My device has recently been giving an alert: storage running out . I used factory reset, hard reset but device memory shows that i only have around 800 mb available.
    I erased everything on ext sd card as well.
    Well after all i just want to read my pdfs take a note with lecture notes or s note and use internet.
    But device is getting slower and i cant solve memory problem.
    Unfortunately i dont have much time to spend time and learn android world extensively.
    Can anyone give me advice how to solve these problems and use this device efficiently?
    01-16-2014 05:55 PM
  2. dancing-bass's Avatar
    For now I would recommend deleting any apps that you're not using on a regular basis. Back up any files or data that are not critical right now and delete them off the tablet. Disable any Samsung features that you don't use. Use a file cleaning app to tidy things up when you've done this. I've tried Clean Master which seems fairly easy to use and straight forward, but still fairly effective.

    These are general guidelines to start with. If you need assistance for disabling Samsung features, someone else will have to assist you with that, although it should be in one of your settings somewhere! (thank you Captain Obvious!) Sorry, but the vast majority of my "hands on" knowledge is with nexus devices not with skinned devices (Samsung, HTC, etc)

    Like I said I've just given a general guideline. There are probably a number of device-specific tips and tricks as well. A little research should get you going quite nicely.
    01-16-2014 10:35 PM

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