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    No lag or stutter, beautiful screen, very fast scrolling BUT terrible battery life. I'm an experienced tablet user so I'm knowledgeable about power management without being a miser about it. But this new 2014 that I've had for about a week just seems to run through battery like my old hummer ran through petrol. I keep the very bright screen at about 30%...I check to make sure nothing insane is running in the bg...I put it in airplane mode when not using wifi and it's in a case that closes the screen when not is use. BUT the battery drains. If I'm getting 5 hours I'm lucky. It's the only downside and if it doesn't improve I'll sell it. Constant charging is a hassle and charging on this compared to other tablets I've owned takes much longer. Does the battery still need breakin time? Or am i doomed?
    03-10-2014 03:39 PM

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